2016 - 2 min 40 sec - Quicktime ProRes - b&w, sound

. Shortlisted for Best Local Production at Berlin Fashion Film Festival 2017
. Shortlisted for ELLE's Choice Award 2016
. Official Selection - London Short Film Festival 2017
. Official Selection - Istanbul Fashion Film Festival 2016


Starring Germany’s Snapchat icon and fashion blogger Riccardo Simonetti and designer & performer Leni Bolt, two gender bending individuals – seemingly intertwined in a romantic act – become opponents accompanied by patriotic verses of announcers during the traditional Turkish Oil Wrestling tournament recorded in 2015. 
Staging the sensual and archaic resemblance of Turkey's most famous national sport, this video piece not only blends boarders between documentary and fiction, fashion and art but also stretches those between culture, gender and tradition.

Pehlivan / Wrestler is the fourth part of Güler's MAQAM video series.