Featured on SHOWstudio
Shortlisted for Best short film at Achtung Berlin - New Berlin Film Award

Ela Kaçmaz, Istanbul, ₺ 400
Single-channel moving image

5 min 30 sec
Colour, sound
Shot on 4K
Converted to HD Quicktime ProRes
Aspect ratio 2.39:1

Ela Kaçmaz is a transsexual sex worker based in Istanbul who charges 400 lira a night.
She enters a room dressed in white lingerie and red high heels to the sound of calls to prayer by Istanbul's muezzins. Inspired by Philip Lorca diCorcia’s photographic series, Hustlers, this threads the line between staging and authenticity, fiction and documentary and also raises questions about gender identity, sexual morals and concealment.
The location is the Grand Hotel De Londres, which is also featured in films such as Head-On by Fatih Akın.

 = Turkish Lira sign